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Western Area Transmission Line Planning
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transmission line planning

Harris Environmental has supported work on many electrical transmission lines, including the Western Area Power Administration. For Western, we conducted biological monitoring and environmental awareness training for Hoover-Mead #6 and #8 230-kV Transmission Lines Emergency Jumper Repair Project and Maricopa-Saguaro and the ED#2-Saguaro Transmission Lines Emergency Tree Removal Project. We have worked with Tucson Electric Power since 1995, conducting numerous cultural surveys/compliance documents for a variety of projects throughout Arizona and New Mexico. These have included transmission line maintenance, booster station development, planning for new transmission lines, power plant expansion permits, pole replacement/movement, and new line installation. We have conducted numerous studies over many years, including testifying at Arizona Corporation Commission hearings for Tucson Electric Power’s proposed Sahuarita-Nogales, Arizona, 345kV Transmission Line.

In addition, our experience includes numerous electrical co-operatives throughout Arizona. For these, we have conducted natural and cultural surveys/compliance reports.

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