US BLM, Ash Springs, NV

Commited to environmental excellence

US BLM, Ash Springs, NV
us blm, ash springs, NV

environmental assessment & comprehenseive management plan

Harris Environmental completed an EA (Environmental Assessment) and Comprehensive Management Plan for the Ash Springs Recreation Area in Ash Springs, Nevada. This is a small thermal spring that received heavy recreation until a temporary closure was enacted due to public safety concerns and threats to the endangered White River Springfish (Crenichthys baileyi) and BLM sensitive species. We lead the public scoping, coordination, and EA development to balance recreational use of the site with threatened, endangered, and sensitive species occurrence. We provided all-inclusive natural resource, hydrology and water quality, cultural, and recreation specialist reports that were included in the EA. We provided key planning and design support and were the lead facilitator of public meetings where we provided several posters to inform and solicit constructive public response.

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