USBIA, Kaibab Paiute Nation, AZ

Commited to environmental excellence

USBIA, Kaibab Paiute Nation, AZ
USBIA, Kaibab Paiute Nation, Fredonia, AZ

vegetation study

Harris Environmental conducted an extensive vegetation study within the 120,000- acre Kaibab Paiute Indian Reservation north of the Grand Canyon. We worked with Tribe, BIA, and other government agencies and conducted numerous interviews with local experts, including tribal members. This research incorporated various sources including soil survey results and 70 years of precipitation. The field campaign consisted of vegetation measurements at 90 transects, which included plant species frequency, plant species composition by weight, ground cover by cover categories, individual plan species production, and total plant community production. We also produced a herbarium of more than 120 plant species, including mounted specimens and digital photos of plants in the field as well as collected samples. The study used GIS to analyze topography and soil distribution on the Reservation as well as developing post datacollection site maps and resource maps. All data was entered in the field into an iPad with GPS capabilities, thus decreasing data entry error, and saving the client time and money.

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