USACE Yakima Training Center, WA

Commited to environmental excellence

USACE Yakima Training Center, WA
usace, seattle dist., yakima training center, wa

natural resource management & restoration

Harris Environmental conducted emergency soil erosion control and restoration at the Yakima Training Center (YTC), in Yakima, Washington. Thousands of acres of natural sagebrush-steppe were destroyed in a wildfire resulting from military activities, which include maneuver and live fire training. We successfully completed installation of over 13,000 lineal feet of wattles and over 300 rock structures to slow water velocity and increase soil deposition. Subsequently, we seeded all areas with native grass seed mixes using both aerial (i.e., helicopter) and broadcast (i.e., on foot) methods. The next phase of the project will consist of transplanting thousands of sagebrush seedlings onto the site as well as aerial seeding with native sagebrush seeds. Harris Environmetnal worked closely with YTC staff to support their military mission while restoring natural resources and habitat on range.

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