USACE, Mcnary Lock & Dam, WA

Commited to environmental excellence

USACE, McNary Lock & Dam, WA
usace & bonneville power administration


Harris Environmental documented the rock imagery at the site to current standards using high resolution photography (including DStretch) and conducted dry ice blasting in combination with other techniques. We also prepared an archaeological site form and this comprehensive report that discussed the most effective and archaeologically sensitive methods for graffiti removal within the site. To fulfill the US Army Corps of Engineers and Bonneville Power Administration’s responsibilities to manage and address adverse effects to historic properties listed in the National Register of Historic Places within the Federal Columbia River Power System, preliminary treatment for on-going effects associated with the operation and maintenance of McNary Dam were proposed at site 45BN1753. These effects include illegal activities that caused continued degradation and potential loss of cultural features at site 45BN1753. Site 45BN1753 is located in Benton County, Washington and on the right bank of the Columbia River just downstream from McNary Dam. The site contains Pre Contact rock imagery panels that are the main elements of the archeological site and substantiate its eligibility for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. Site 45BN1753 was first noted in 2008 and was revisited several times through 2018.

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